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Homework & Grading

What to expect in reading:


  • Cursive writing is taught in 5th grade and will be required once all letters have been taught.  Parents are encouraged to promote a positive attitude towards cursive writing.


  • Your child will have one Accelerated Reader (AR) book to read per 5-weeks.  It is suggested that your child reads one chapter a night to successfully complete the book in time.  Parents are encouraged to read with their child and ask questions to ensure comprehension.  AR books will count as a test!
  • Spelling lists will be given the Friday before a new list is taught.  Both spelling and meanings of words will be tested.  Students are asked to study a few minutes each night.  They are also available on this website.

Vocabulary Words

  • For every novel, your child will be learning new vocabulary words.  

Graded Assignments

  • A graded assignment will be given in spelling, grammar, reading skills, and with comprehension of fresh reads, short stories, and novels.  Your child may use his or her book, story, notes, and other resources to complete assignments.


  • Writing tends to be a difficult subject for students.  Being able to generate an inference, support it with evidence, and connect different ideas is key in 5th grade.
  • Larger writing assignments will be given with class time utilized for research, development, peer conferencing, teacher conferencing, and publication.
  • Writing is integrated throughout reading (literary and informational texts).

Calculating Averages

  • 50% of the grade will be classwork
  • 50% of the grade will be tests