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Grade 5 Writing


Writing an Evidence Based Paragraph

Think: OREO


  • Restate the question and express your OPINION


  • Give your REASON why you believe your opinion to be true

  • Site EVIDENCE that proves your opinion is true 
  • Connect your opinion and your evidence with a solid EXPLANATION


  • Restate your OPINION using different words

Essay Writing

By using the OREO model, students will construct essays based on the literature they read.  Guided notes / graphic organizers will be used to assist students in the writing process.

The Cay:  

  • The character of Phillip Enright goes through many changes throughout the novel including how he feels towards people of color.  Explain how Phillip's feelings change from the beginning of the book to the end of the book.  Be sure to explain why his feelings changed.  Use evidence from the novel to support your answer.